About Cradle of Love


Cradle of Love offers a more comprehensive approach than other adoption agencies. As an independent, 501(c)3 non-profit we put you first. Moreover, we work with any qualifed birth parent(s) or adoptive parent(s) regardless of race, ethnicity, faith, marital status, gender or sexual orientation. Families who work with us have tremendous resources at their disposal before, during and after adoption. We offer post-adoption social and educational groups, plus a vast referral network of outstanding professionals in such areas as art therapy, child/adolescent counseling, psychological testing, couples therapy, and more.

We provide comprehensive domestic home studies that adhere to all state and federal regulations. Cradle of Love has more than a century of experience placing children in loving families. Our staff has the experience and professional training to help this process move smoothly. Our Georgia adoption team is experienced and fully licensed in all aspects of the adoption process.

We are a nonprofit Georgia adoption agency, licensed and supervised by the State of Georgia, Department of Human Resources. Cradle of Love, Georgia adoption agency, is dedicated to providing professional, comprehensive and confidential services to the triad of birth parent(s), baby and adoptive parent(s).

Our Mission

To seek and secure loving adoptive homes for children placed with our Georgia adoption agency and to lend emotional support, adoption counseling and adoption assistance to couples who want to adopt a child.

Our Adoption and Counseling Team