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Adoption Assistance for Birth Parents

The decision to place a child for adoption calls for courage, compassion, caring and love.

Whatever your choice may be, it is one of the most important decisions you will ever make. Our adoption assistance, counseling and support can help you get through what for many is a very difficult decision.

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Cradle of Love is a nonprofit, nonsectarian, licensed adoption program. We offer a comprehensive scope of adoption assistance services to enable you to make an informed decision that’s right for you. If you wish, we will be with you through labor and delivery.


“It was a very difficult time for me, but you were there for me all the way, including the delivery. It was great to always be able to talk to you. Cell phones are great!”

— Kimberly, age 16

“It helped me to speak to someone else who had been in similar circumstances and had worked with Cradle of Love.”

— Stacey, age 34

“The counseling helped me sort out my options and get my life back on track.”

— Chrissy, age 23

“Being able to pick out the adoptive family and meeting them was very healing to me. Your guidance throughout helped steer the right course for me.”

— Katie, age 31

A Birth Mother's Story

Use the controls below to listen to a Birth Mother's story in her own words.

A Birth Mother's Story


Hello, my name is *****. I’m 29 and 8 months pregnant with my second baby. A year ago I met a man who I believed was everything I wanted. I was wrong… and pregnant. I knew that keeping this baby would be virtually impossible. I knew that I could not allow this baby girl to be raised around a dishonest, irresponsible father. And, I, myself, had absolutely nothing to offer her. I was in the worst situation I had ever been in — in my life! No job, no car… completely dependent on this man.

I had my first baby when I was 18, and at that time I had no idea what it took to raise a child. I insisted on keeping her. Because of that decision, my daughter went without many things and she suffered for all my mistakes. And believe me, there were many of them. I carry around this guilt and remorse with me every single day of my life because I deprived my daughter of the wonderful life she could have had if I had made the right decision back then.

I know that if I truly love this baby inside of me, I will give her the chance that my first baby never had. The best decision I ever made was to call Cradle of Love. They made it possible for me to get out from under the man I was so dependent upon, and they have taken care of me in every way possible since then. They kept me fed, clothed with a roof over my head, and made sure I had everything I needed. My adoption counselor comes to pick me up regularly and takes me to my doctor’s appointments. But more importantly, she provides real friendship.

And, I also know that my adoption counselor will be right beside me to pull me through and assure me that I’ve made the right decision.

The wonderful thing about all of this is that while I’m going through these changes and working toward a better future, I’ll know that my baby is well taken care of and very much loved. I had the opportunity to choose the parents who will adopt my baby. I met them twice and could not possibly have been more pleased at how wonderful they were.

This time around instead of carrying around guilt and remorse, I’ll carry a joy, knowing that I did what was truly best for my baby.

A Birth Mother's Story

I grew up in a good home with two loving parents. Something you don't see often these days. Around the time I turned 16 my father passed away due to cancer. My then, single mother, had moved us to Georgia. With time and poor decision making, I became a high school drop out with a boyfriend who fit the profile for an antisocial personality disorder. Four years passed and I ended up pregnant. With little money, no steady place to live or job, I decided to have an abortion. The day before the appointment, the police responded to a physical domestic violence call concerning a 10 week pregnant woman. The fear alone, waiting in that hospital bed, not knowing if my baby was alive, forever changed my decision about an abortion. I was then confronted with a new dilemma. What do I do? I knew that based on my continual bad decision making, family support was not an option. Faced with only one choice, I started calling numbers in the phone book.

Threatened with the idea of losing my first family, I knew I was giving the opportunity to another. So, I made an appointment with an adoption agency. That night, I prayed for guidance. At the agency appointment, I looked at numerous books of hopeful parents, but one stood out. One book, encompassed with many pictures, and very little reading, caught my attention. It was then that I had found a family that could nurture and care for my baby and give her the life that I could not. In the end, it doesn’t matter how many testimonies you will read, you will never understand adoption like I do now, until you have lived through it. But I will tell you this, if I could do it all over, I would not change a thing.