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Cradle of Love provides several services to facilitate and support the adoption of children including:

Birth Parent Support & Services


We recognize that as a birth parents choosing to carry your baby to term and place your child for adoption have many needs. We promise a caring and loving environment and to answer any questions you may have.

Legal Advice

At Cradle of Love we take great care in helping you, as a birth parent understand your legal rights and the implications of adoption, including:


We offer FREE counseling to the expectant parents and their families during which we discuss the implications of parenting versus those of placing a child for adoption, grief, separation and loss.

We offer additional support for the following:

We'll explain all required forms and paperwork, including the "surrender form" Georgia Rule in Chapter 290-9-.06 (4) L, which requires 24 hours pass after the birth of an infant before surrender forms can be completed.

As birth parent(s) you have 10 days after signing surrender forms in which to change your mind(s) regarding your decision to place your child for adoption.

Medical Background

To maintain the highest standards, we require a thorough social and medical history of birth parents and their families on the 413 Background Form required by the State of Georgia. During this process we may determine that you, as the birthmother, have native American Indian heritage. If so, Cradle of Love collaborates with the appropriate tribe or Indian organization to determine the applicability of the Indian Child Welfare Act and to determine the most appropriate plan for the child.

Insurance & Medical Care

As a birthmother accepted into the program, we refer you to qualified medical and insurance providers. You'll receive diagnosis and treatment of health issues plus reproductive and health education, including:

As a birthmother, we will also connect you to family planning services and health insurance, (when coverage is available), and provide you with information about other options for medical care (e.g. free clinics) when insurance coverage is not available.

As possible, we will connect you with medical providers who share your cultural and language backgrounds are selected to assure effective communication.

Counseling & Ongoing Relationships

As the birth parent(s) you are integral to the adoptive family selection process, we promise to provide you with support and encouragement to help you feel positive toward the family in which your child will be placed. We will also provide you and your partner with at least six weeks of counseling after placement, if you choose.

If interested we can provide information and counseling about the continuum of openness in adoption.

If desired, you and your partner may look through profiles of prospective adoptive families and meet with them with the worker present. Cradle of Love makes every effort to comply with our birthparent(s)' requests regarding choice of adoptive family for placement. Cradle of Love works with you to develop a plan for after the adoption. There is a non-legally binding Communication Agreement, signed by the birthparents and adoptive parents, that specifies continuing exchange of updates and pictures of the adopted infant and possible future visitation.

The decision to place a baby for adoption is difficult. We offer grief counseling, and will help you look toward their future after the adoption is complete.

Assistance & Support

As requested, we can connect you to to birthparent support and/or assistance to assure safe and healthful living arrangements. We are with you and your baby every step of the way.

We provide education and/or counseling on positive personal development and household management. We will work with you on personal growth and maturity, interpersonal relations and communication, future goals and aspirations, coping, problem-solving, job search programs and decision-making. We will help you to learn to manage your time, budget, and household and effectively use available community resources.

Cradle of Love also provides information on available community services needed to support positive life course development, including child care, food and nutrition services, transportation services, financial assistance, substance abuse treatment services and domestic violence or sexual assault services.

Adoptive Parent Support & Services


Congratulations! Having made the decision to adopt, we are ready to support your journey to become parents. Adoption can be challenging on many different levels. To that end we offer training and support that address attachment and bonding, possible impacts of adoption on the family, child development and parenting techniques, raising a child of a different race, ethnicity, culture, or religion, helping a child cope with separation and loss, history of maltreatment and identity development.

We provide extensive counseling and educational support for prospective adoptive parent(s). Here are just a few topics explored:

Domestic Home Studies

You have made the exciting decision to parent a child and have chosen an agency that specializes in domestic adoptions. We will help you adopt from Cradle of Love or from an agency in another state in the United States. Now it is time to start the process that will help you reach your goal of parenting. Your choice of a home study agency is important, as this agency will be working with and available to you during the adoption process and the post-placement period.

Cradle of Love Adoption Counseling and Services is a nonprofit, nonsectarian, full-service adoption agency, licensed and supervised by the State of Georgia, Department of Human Resources. We are dedicated to the adoption process and provide comprehensive professional services for our clients.

In the State of Georgia, a home study consists of one visit with the adopting family, separate visits and a home visit.

Adoption requires patience and flexibility. At times, adoption fees and travel expenses may vary, and unexpected expenses may occur. Many families find it difficult to budget with so many financial variables. It therefore is our policy to let families know “up front” what the fees are for the home study, post-placement visits and legal fees for finalization.

Our home study fee for domestic adoption is $1800 which includes post-placement visits. Should your placement agency require additional information, a special addendum is available for a $50 fee. All consultations are included in the above fee schedule: There are no other fee add-ons.

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